b'CODE OF ETHICSThe purpose of the Washington Association of Maintenance and Operations Administrators is to promote and foster the highest degree of professionalism in the maintenance and operations of educational facilities, and to strengthen the quality of maintenance and operations through professional management.Persons engaged in the management of educational facilities6.Participate in the exchange of methods, ideals, technical must recognize the magnitude of the responsibility inherentdata and other information with national, state and in their type of work. The need for the respect and confidencelocal professional organizations to raise the standards of administration, faculty, students and members of theof educational facilities maintenance and operations community provides the incentive to accomplish and maintainprograms in the State of Washington. the highest possible degree of ethical conduct. This code of7.Not use WAMOA for personal gain, promotion or ethics provides standards by which to judge conduct. interests. In fulfillment of these obligations, each member of this8.Promote state-wide and community understanding of the Association agrees to: role of maintenance and operations professionals within 1.Adhere to the precept that professional management isthe educational system. the singularly most important goal of this profession.9.Encourage and foster understanding and cooperation 2.Obey all federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations,between university, community college,private and and institutional policies governing educational facilitypublic school maintenance and operations administrators, maintenance and operations, while reserving the right topersonnel and the larger community. act through appropriate channels to seek modification of10. Facilitate the exchange of ideas on maintenance, such laws, rules and regulations which are not in the bestoperations and administration within the field of common interest of safe, efficient and economical operation.interests of the members of the Association through 3.Subscribe to the concept of equal opportunity inconferences, meetings, newsletters, etc. employment.11.Encourage, foster relationships and cooperation between 4.Cooperate at all times with public administration officialsWAMOA, state and local agencies. and other recognized professional organizations to12. Accept the responsibility to report any violation of this develop improved educational facilities maintenance andcode to the Association for appropriate action.operations programs. 5.Promote optimum efficiency in maintenance and operations programs. 70 2021 WAMOA MEMBER DIRECTORYWWW.WAMOA.ORG'