b'P OL IC IE S A ND PR O C EDUR E S5050 Endorsements Chapters and Committee Chairs4. The Regional Representative The Association shall not endorse norshall be primarily responsible forimmediately receive a formal oppose candidates for public office,the administration of their approvedlegitimate billing at the time the either partisan or non-partisan; noroperating budget. check is disbursed, and that he/shall it take a position on political6030 Per Diem she in turn sign such bill, noting the issues unless they affect the operationOfficers, Representatives ofcheck number issued in payment or support of public schools. Regional Chapters and Committeeon the face of the bill, andThe Association shall not endorseChairpersons and any of the5. The bill is sent immediately to the products or services of privatemembership at large so authorized byTreasurer.companies. The Board of Directorsthe By-Laws and Ethics, Presidential6050 Investment of WAMOA Fundsmay, however, instruct staff toor Board action, shall be reimbursedStatement of Purpose:advise Association members of thefor room expenses at a hotel/motels1. To ensure that the investment of availability of products or servicesgoing commercial room rate up to aWAMOA funds is done in a safe which it deems to be beneficial to themaximum of $150.00 per day doubleand secure manner without any educational institutions of the state. occupancy, and up to a maximumunnecessary risk.5060 Publication Distribution of $75.00 per day for meals and2. To provide adequate liquidity, Single copies of Associationrefreshments, if not provided as part ofmake no investment longer than publications may be distributeda event. Additional expenses in excessthree months.without charge to local school districtof above rates may be approved by3. Market specification shall be Superintendents and Businessthe Board at their discretion. Per diemavoided.Managers, intermediate school districtshall be paid only while the Officer4. Safety of principal and interest Superintendents, Office of Stateor Chairperson is in the processshall prevail over yield in all Superintendent of Public Instructionof conducting bona fide WAMOAinvestment fund performance and staff, Legislators, Presidents of otherbusiness. status.like organizations. All others shall beAutomobile mileage will be paid at theRisk:charged at rates established by therate currently allowed by the United1. It shall be the policy of WAMOA Board of Directors. States Internal Revenue Service. to minimize risk to the greatest The president may, at his/her6040 Up-Front Funding for Regionalextent possible by investing discretion, and with the approval ofProgram Expenses WAMOA funds only in the Board, distribute the materials,Up-front funding is generally notinvestments insured by FDIC or publications or research of otherallowed. The normal procedure forNCUA.organizations when such areprogram presentations, billing and2. No personal gain may be realized consistent with policies adopted by thesubsequent payment is to be followedinvestments or expenditures.Association. as a general rule. 3. An amount of money from the 6000 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT A Regional Representatives requestWAMOA general fund shall be set 6010 Operating Capital for a check for a program in advance ofaside in the event financial liability All financial sources, membershipits actual presentation may be allowedfor the fall conference is incurred. dues, work shops, conferences, etc.however, under certain circumstances, i.e.(Ref. 8020)generated by this organization shall1. The presenter requires such a6060 Expendituresbecome the capital for the operatingprocedure,The Secretary/Treasurer shall budget. 2. The Regional Representativeassure that all expenditures are duly 6020 Annual Budget makes the request a reasonableauthorized and are evidenced by Officers, Representatives of Regionaltime in advance for the Treasurerproper receipts and vouchers. Board Chapters and Committee Chairs shallto be able to respond in a timelyOfficers, Representatives of Regional submit a yearly estimated budget tomanner,Chapters, Committee Chairs and the Secretary/Treasurer by December3. The check be sent to the Regionalmembers authorized by the Board may of each year for board approval.Representative for disbursementauthorize payment. Authorization by Yearly budget will be submittedto the program presenter uponthose primarily responsible for their by the President and Secretarysatisfactory performance, operating budget is preferred. An for the December Board meeting.Officer of the Board may sign in their Officers, Representatives of Regionalabsence.68 2021 WAMOA MEMBER DIRECTORYWWW.WAMOA.ORG'