b'P OL IC IE S A ND PR O C EDUR E S4022 Associate Membership E.Retired Member: Former Active4050 PrivilegesA.Educational Associate Members:members who are retired. ActiveM&O Educational Associate Those persons regularlymembers in good standing mayMembers, Non-Educational Associate employed in the field ofretain a non-voting membershipMembers, Educational Partner maintenance, operations, andin the Association uponMembers, Honorary Members and facility programs related to anretirement. Retired Members shall be entitled educational institution, but doF.Founder Award: Founderto all privileges of Active Members not meet the definition of anAward shall be a member inexcept the right to vote, unless an Active Member. This is a non- good standing, must haveappointed member of the board or voting membership which is non- shownunselfish and dedicatedhold elective office in the Association.transferable and state residencycommitment to WAMOA.5000 ADMINISTRATIONis not required. Subject to Fair4030 Application for Membership 5005 Executive CoordinatorLabor Management Rules. Application for membership shallProvide overall coordination of the B.Non-Educational Associatebe made by use of a form of theorganization including fiscal and Members: Those personsAssociation signed by the applicantbudgetary management. Serve as regularly employed in a positionand accompanied by payment of onethe coordinator of the association, of administrative, managerial, oryears dues. overseeing all day-to-day routine supervisory responsibility in the4040 Suspension or Expulsion work activities of the organization. field of maintenance, operations,The membership of any member mayOversee the receipt and processing and facility programs not relatedbe terminated for cause. of membership applications and to an educational institution.Notice of a meeting called for themaintain master membership files. Full This is a non-voting membershippurpose of suspension or expulsionresponsibilities are described in the which is non-transferable andshall be given by the Board ofjob description.state residency is not required. Directors to the person in question at5010 Professional Association C.Educational Partner Memberleast twenty (20) days before the dateMembership Sponsored by WAMOASupplier, contractorof the next Board of Directors meetingWAMOA may sponsor a membership representative, or other agencyand shall be in writing. in professional association(s) if it is or association who offers orSuspension or expulsion shall befor the good of the organization and is provides membership, products,voted by a majority vote of the Boardboard approved. goods or services for a fee toof Directors present at the meeting5020 Membership / Educational maintenance and operationscalled for such purpose. Such a votePartner Mailing Lists departments in educationalmay be taken only provided that inIt is the policy of WAMOA that institutions. This is a non-votingaddition to the recommendation ofmembership / Educational Partner membership which is non- the By-Laws and Ethics Committee,mailing lists will be provided to current transferable and state residencythat a statement of said chargedmembers.is not required. shall be mailed by certified mail to5030 Dissemination of Annual BudgetD.Honorary Member: Honorarythe member charged at his/her lastThe annual budget as approved members shall be those personsrecorded address at least fifteen (15)by the Board of Directors shall be who have rendered distinguisheddays before final action is to be takendisseminated to those members in service to this Association.thereon. This statement shall begood standing at their request.Honorary non-votingaccompanied by a notice of the time5040 Open Books and Accountsmembership may be extended toand place when the Board of DirectorsBooks and accounts of WAMOA shall any person who the Associationis to take action, and the member shallbe open at all times during regular shall elect to honor by majoritybe given an opportunity, if he/shemeeting hours to the inspection of any vote of those members presentwishes, to present a defense in personmember of WAMOA.at a regular or special meeting ofbefore the Board of Directors prior to the Board of Directors. the taking of said vote. (See By-Laws Article VIII, Section E)2021 WAMOA MEMBER DIRECTORYWWW.WAMOA.ORG 67'