b'P OL IC IE S A ND PR O C EDUR E SElections and Programs: To conductlegislation can be initiated anddetermines ethical content and the nomination and election ofsupported. accuracy. The information will the President, Vice President, andInformation Dissemination: Thethen be forwarded to the Executive Secretary/Treasurer. To reviewlegislative Committee should provide,Coordinator upon approval for information provided by candidatesprior to a legislative session, a listformatting and distribution to the to be used for campaigning purposes,of bills being considered. A dopublisher to be included in the to determine ethical content andsupport or dont support shouldWAMOA journal and for social media accuracy. Administers sponsorships,be provided on bills that appear to becontent.scholarships, founders award, andbeneficial to WAMOA membership or4000 GENERAL MEMBERSHIPhonorary member. supportive of the work engaged in by4010 DuesHistorian: Maintain and sharethe majority of WAMOA members.The dues for members are:appropriate historical data for theThis information should be sent to allActive Members:organization.Board members, along with a listingAs set by Board of DirectorsLegislative: Update the board ofof representatives and senators.Educational Associate Members: current legislative processes. ToPeriodically, a legislative updateAs set by Board of Directorsencourage and assist legislation inwould be sent to Board membersNon-Educational Associate Members: conjunction with other educationalfor the purpose of updating theirAs set by Board of Directorsassociations. members. When immediate supportEducational Partner Members: Professional Development: Organizesfor a piece of legislation is required,As set by Board of Directorsthe WAMOA Leadership Seminarcorrespondence will be implemented.Honorary Members: to serve the WAMOA membership,Such correspondence will consistNone (or as set by Board)with the goal of enhancing the skillsof board members and legislativeRetired Members: and knowledge of our membership.committee members. None (conference fee set by Board)Review certification applications and3030 Professional Development4020 Definition of Membershipdetermine if requirements are met.Committee Functions A WAMOA Member is: That person TAC: Liaison to the Technical AdvisoryOrganizes the WAMOA Leadershipwho has program management level Committee; update the boardSeminar to serve the WAMOAauthority and/or responsibility for regularly. membership, with the goal ofone or more M & O programs in an Technology Operations: To representenhancing the skills and knowledge ofeducational facility within the State of technology infrastructure operationsour membership. Review certificationWashington. (Includes construction and foster collaboration betweenapplications and determine ifprograms.)maintenance and technologyrequirements are met.Program Management Level Authority departments. Financing: A budget shall beand/or Responsibility definition:3020 Legislative Committee Functions established and administered by1. Administrative Oversight of the The functions of the Legislativethe Chairperson. The ProfessionalProgram(s).Committee are in two areas of interest: Development committees operations2. Exempt from Fair Labor 1. Initiating legislation; and, will be supported through incomeManagement Rules.2. Disseminating informationgenerated from the seminar and4021 Active Membershipimportant to WAMOA. additional funds as approved by thePersons regularly employed in a Initiation of Legislation: Theboard. position of program management level committee shall not directly initiate3040 Election and Program Chairauthority and/or responsibility for legislation on its own. WAMOA will,Functions maintenance, operations, and facilities however, sponsor membershipsNominations shall be declared openin an educational institution. This is for a member of its own Legislativeby the Elections and Program chaira voting membership which is non-Committee to other professionalas of April 1st and declared closed intransferable and in-state employment associations. (Ref.: 5010). Thethe course of business at the boardis required.WAMOA member serving on the OSPImeeting prior to the fall conference. Technical Advisory Board shall also actFunctions include conducting the as a contact between that board andnomination and elections, reviewing the WAMOA Legislative Committee.information provided by candidates It is through these contacts thatfor campaigning purposes, and 66 2021 WAMOA MEMBER DIRECTORYWWW.WAMOA.ORG'