b'P OL IC IE S A ND PR O C EDUR E S1040 Term of Office for Regional2020 Vacancies in the Offices of2050 Campaigning (Elective Office)RepresentativesPresident, Vice Pres. and Secretary/ Campaigning will be limited to a The terms of the representatives forTreasurer single article, incorporated into the Regional Areas shall be for two yearsNominees shall possess the followingWAMOA journal to the membership and staggered so that, as nearly asminimum qualifications: at large and may be posted on social may be, the terms of one-half shall1. Be a WAMOA Active Member inmedia by the Executive Coordinator. expire each year. Region elections shallgood standing. The information will be provided by take place at the last region meeting2. Have served at least one full termthe candidate for office, reviewed by prior to the Annual Conference. Regionor currently be serving as a Boardthe Elections Chairperson/Committee elections will be held on even yearsmember or Committee Chairperson. for content, and formatted by for the following Regions; 2, 4, 6N, 6S,3. The President, Vice President andpublications.and 8. Odd year elections will be forSecretary Treasurer, if he/she3000 COMMITTEESthe following Regions; 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. elects, may run more than one3010 Committee Chair 1050 Term of Office for theconsecutive year.ResponsibilitiesEducational Partner Representative2030 Resignations By-Laws, Policies & Procedures, and The Executive Coordinator will solicitIn the event of resignations of anCompliance: To maintain the By-Laws, interest from all Ed Partners in April atofficer, the President will contact themaintain Policy and Procedures and the same time elections are opened.Nominations and Elections Committeeto monitor and advise the Board of Ed Partners interested in being the Edchairperson to have the committeeDirectors on matters of interpretation. Partner representative on the boardprovide a list to fill the unexpired termUpdate the board on compliance and will notify the WAMOA office of theiron an interim basis until the nextconservation issues affecting schools, interest by August 15th. Upon takingscheduled Board meeting. (Ref By- act as liaison with regulatory agencies.office the President will appoint theLaws Article XI, Section D) Conference: To hold an Annual Representative. 2040 Recognitions Conference for the purpose of 2000 ELECTIONS Nominations for Founder Award andeducational training, professional 2010 Elections Honorary membership shall comenetworking and generating annual Nominations are opened April 1st andfrom the general membership andoperating capital. are closed at the board meeting priorbe submitted to the Programs Chair.Educational Partners: Act as liaison for to the conference. The officers shall beCandidates information must beeducational partners to the board. elected at the Annual Meeting and shallsubmitted prior to the last board take office at the last general session ofmeeting prior to the fall conference.that meeting. They shall hold their office for one year or until their successors are elected and installed. Elections for these offices shall be conducted by official ballot from Active members of good standing at the Annual Meeting. Absentee ballots must be requested by eligible voting members from the Membership Chair and submitted to the Elections Chair no later than the Monday before the Annual Meeting. Ballots will be counted, and results ATINUM PARTNEwill be presented to the membership.PL R A majority ballot will elect to office in each case. In case of a tie vote, balloting among Active members will proceed until a decision is reached. In the event of an uncontested slate of candidates, a vote of affirmation shall be taken at the Annual Business Meeting. 2021 WAMOA MEMBER DIRECTORYWWW.WAMOA.ORG 65'