b'POLICIES ANDPROCEDURES1000 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Vice President 3. The Secretary/Treasurer shall 1000 Board of Directors The duties of the Vice President shall be: make a full report of the financial The members of the Board of1. Preside over meetings of thecondition of the Association as Directors shall consist of the following:board of directors and/or therequired by the Board of Directors President, Vice President, ImmediateGeneral Membership in theor by the laws of the State.Past President, Secretary Treasurer,absence of the President 4. Keep a complete and permanent one Representative from each Region2. Empowered with the office of therecord of all proceedings of the as set forth in the By-Laws of thePresident when the President isBoard of Directors.Association and all serving committeeabsent; reports to the President5. The Secretary/Treasurer works chairs.3. Serve as President for the balancewith the Executive Coordinator 1010 Officers of the term in the event theon all financial and budgetary President position is vacated business. See 5005 for Executive In addition to the charges set forth4. Facilitate and monitor StrategicCoordinator job duties.in the By-Laws, the duties of thePlan 1020 Term of Office for Board President are as follows: 5. Serve on the Executive Committee Officers1. Preside over all meetings of the6. Monitors the RegionThe term of office for the President, Board of Directors and/or GeneralRepresentatives, activeVice President and Secretary Membership Committees, and reports to theTreasurer shall be for one year with the 2. Select Board Members to serve onPresident option of serving consecutive terms if the Executive CommitteeImmediate Past President reelected.3. Review existing Committees;1. Provide continuity for the1030 Regional Representativesdetermine if the work of theoperations of the organization,The duties of the Representatives from committees requires theirand other duties as assigned. each Regional organization shall be:continued existence Secretary/Treasurer1. Serve as a voting member of the 4. Form Committees and appointThe duties of the Secretary TreasurersBoard of Directors.members as neededare as follows: 2. Attend all board meetings and 5. Present the Officers and1. Responsible for recordingreport on Regional activities. Committee Chairs to theand accounting of all financialIf the Representative is unable Membership at the Generaltransactions of the Association,to attend a regularly scheduled Session its accounts, liabilities andBoard meeting, the Representative 6. Act as a Public Relations/Goodwillfinancial condition and see that allshall submit a written report Ambassador for the Associationexpenditures are duly authorizedof activities to the President or appoint a designee to act forand are evidenced by properto present to the Board at that them at appropriate meetings,receipts and vouchers. meeting.conferences or other functions2. General supervision of the3. Arrange and hold regional where it is in the interest of thefinances of the Association. Keepmeetings at discretion of regional Association to be represented the usual accounting recordsmembership.7. Appoint members to fill vacanciesof the association, according to4. Seek new membership at the local on the Board of Directors andstandard accounting practices. level.select Committee Chairs5. Seek nominations for Officers of the Board of Directors.6. May be asked to serve on the Executive Committee. 64 2021 WAMOA MEMBER DIRECTORYWWW.WAMOA.ORG'