b'A S SO C I AT I ON BY- L AW Sregional chapter meeting by election2. Reading of minutes of previousARTICLE XVIIIamong active members from withinmeetings Non-Profit Character of Associationthe region. The newly elected3. Reports of officers and committees A.The Association is organized for representative shall immediately take4. Unfinished business non-profit purposes only and no office and shall hold office for the5. New business money or other property of the balance of the unexpired 2 year term.At the appropriate conference, theAssociation shall ever benefit Section D election of officers and the election orany member or other individual Vacancies in the office of the Viceappointment of committees shall followexcept for the reimbursement President and Secretary/Treasurer shallnew business in the order of business. of actual expenses incurred in be filled for the remainder of the termcarrying out the purposes of the by action of the Executive Committee.ARTICLE XIV Association and as authorized Nominees shall be active members inRules of Order by the Board of Directors except good standing. Roberts Rules of Order shall bethose paid positions defined by Section E the parliamentary authority of thisthe WAMOA By-Laws.Nominations for Founder Award andAssociation. B.The Executive Committee shall Honorary membership shall comedirect an audit to be performed a from the general membership and beARTICLE XV minimum of once every biennium submitted by the Regional Chairs to theCode of Ethics by a certified accounting firm. The Board of Directors. Each member of the Association shallscope of the audit shall include by virtue of application agree to abidea review of our financial records ARTICLE XIII by the provisions of the Code of Ethics,and to verify non-profit status Meetings which by reference is made a part ofof our organization and report Section A these By-Laws. their findings to the executive Special meetings of the Associationcommittee. The Executive may be held upon the call of theARTICLE XVI Committee will then report the President or upon the direction ofFiscal Year findings to the Board of Directors.the majority of Directors or uponThe fiscal year of the Association shall written petition signed by a majority ofbe January 1 through December 31. ARTICLE XIXactive members qualified to vote. TheOfficial AddressSecretary shall give at least thirty (30)ARTICLE XVII The official address of the Association days notice of any such meeting. Mode of Amendment shall be as designated by the Board of Section B Amendments to the By-Laws shallDirectors.The Secretary/Treasurer and Executivebe proposed by a signed petition Coordinator shall act as recorders atfrom a majority of active members inARTICLE XXall meetings and conferences. Aftergood standing, or a two-thirds vote ofDistribution of Assets upon approval by the Secretary/TreasurerBoard of Directors present at a boardTerminationminutes will be sent out by themeeting. Such a petition shall be sentThe Association shall use its full funds Executive Coordinator to the Board ofto the President to verify authenticityonly to accomplish the objectives and Directors. If not present, this functionand assigned to the By-Laws andpurposes specified in the By-Laws, and may be performed by any of theEthics Committee for study andno part of such funds shall be distributed members present, as chosen by thoserecommendation. These proposedto the Directors of the Association. The in attendance. amendments may be adopted throughAssociation may elect voluntarily to Section C an affirmative vote of two-thirds of thedissolve by a majority vote of its Directors. Order of Business: The Presidentmembers of the Board of Directors atOn dissolution of the Association, any shall preside at all meetings of theany annual or regular meeting, providedfunds remaining shall be distributed to membership. In his absence the nextnotice of such proposed amendment orone or more regularly organized and officer in due order who may be presentamendments, together with the namecharitable, educational, scientific, or shall preside. For purposes of these By- or names of the member or membersphilanthropic organization to be selected Laws, the due order shall be as follows:proposing the same shall be given toby the Board of Directors. In the event the President, Vice President, Immediateeach active member at least sixty (60)Board of Directors is unable to agree on Past President, Secretary/Treasurer. days prior to the annual or regulara disposition of said assets, the Superior Section D board meeting at which such proposedCourt of the county wherein the offices of The regular order of business shall be: amendment or amendments shall bethe Association exist shall be petitioned 1. Call of the roll considered. and requested to distribute said assets.2021 WAMOA MEMBER DIRECTORYWWW.WAMOA.ORG 63'