b'A S SO C I AT I ON BY- L AW Sis a voting membership and in- or disabilities. The Office CoordinatorARTICLE XIstate employment is required. may, if the applicant for membership isDues and Assessments2. Educational Associate Member:found to be engaged in the occupationSection AThose persons regularly employeddescribed in Article X, Section B, assignDues of all categories of members in the field of maintenance,such applicant to active or associateof the Association shall be reviewed operations and facility programsmembership. The Board of Directorsperiodically and approved by majority related to an educationalmay, in considering any applicationvote of the Board of Directors at a institution, but do not meet thefor membership, take into account theregular or special meeting.definition of an Active Member.degree to which the applicants pastSpecial Assessment. At any special This is a non-voting membershipconduct is consistent with the Codemeeting of the Board of Directors, and state residency is not required.of Ethics of the Association and maycalled for the purpose of making an Subject to Fair Labor Managementprovide for appropriate proceduresassessment, the two-thirds vote of Rules. by which interested parties, includingthe entire Board shall be required to 3. Non-Educational Associatethe applicant, may address anyapprove such assessments for this Member: Those personsalleged inconsistencies of conduct. Anpurpose. The members of the Board regularly employed in a positionapplicant may appeal a membershipmay vote in person or by ballot. of administrative, managerial, ordenial to the Board of Directors. The supervisory responsibility in thevote of the Board of Directors as to theARTICLE XIIfield of maintenance, operations,granting or denial of any applicationNominations and Electionsand facility programs not related toshall be final and not subject to review. Section Aan educational institution. This is aSection D All nominees for the offices of non-voting membership and stateThe membership of any member shallPresident, Vice President, Secretary/residency is not required. be terminated by death, resignation orTreasurer, and Region Chairs shall be 4. Educational Partner Member: non-payment of dues or by action ofactive members in good standing.Supplier, contractorthe Board of Directors. Section Brepresentative, or other agency or1. The vote of a majority of theElections for these offices shall be association who offers or providesDirectors shall be required toconducted by official ballot from membership, products, goods orsuspend or expel a member. active members in good standing at services for a fee to maintenance2. All rights, title and interest in thethe Annual Meeting. Absentee ballots and operations departments inassets, properties, franchise andmust be requested by members and educational institutions. This isprivileges of this Association shallsubmitted to the Membership chair a non-voting membership whichcease upon the termination ofprior to the Annual Meeting according is non-transferable and statemembership, but any obligation orto procedures outlined in the WAMOA residency is not required.indebtedness to this AssociationPolicies and Procedures. Ballots will be 5. Honorary Member: Honoraryshall continue until discharged. counted and results will be presented non-voting membership in thisSection E to the membership. A majority ballot Association may be extended toSuspension or Expulsion: Any memberwill elect to office in each case. In any person who the Associationmay be suspended or expelled forcase of a tie vote, balloting among shall elect to honor by majoritycauses including breach of termsactive members will proceed until a vote of those members present ator conditions of these By-Laws, ordecision is reached. Absentee ballots a regular or special meeting of theviolations of a provision or provisions ofshall be counted in each of the ballots. Board of Directors.the Code of Ethics of the Association,In the event of an uncontested slate 6. Retired Member: Active memberswhich, by reference is made a partof candidates, a vote of affirmation in good standing may retain aof these By-Laws. Such cause shallshall be taken at the Annual Business nonvoting membership in thebe determined by a vote of the BoardMeeting. Only Active members shall be Association upon retirement. of Directors, such vote being takenentitled to vote.Section C only pursuant to an investigation andSection CApplication for Membership:recommendation on such a matterActive members shall, by region, elect WAMOA has equal membership forby the Ethics Committee of thea Regional Chair, who will also serve all persons regardless of race, creed,Association. The vote of the Directorson the Board of Directors as a voting sex, age, nationality, marital status,shall be final and not subject to review. member. Vacancies in the Board of Directors among representatives of regions shall be filled at the next 62 2021 WAMOA MEMBER DIRECTORYWWW.WAMOA.ORG'