b'A S SO C I AT I ON BY- L AW Sc.Employ an Executive ARTICLE IV ARTICLE VIIICoordinator, elect or appoint President Standing Committeesassistants to the officers, and The President shall manage andThe Association shall have Standing to employ such servants operate the Association pursuant to theCommittees: see item 3010 in the or agents upon such terms policies of the Board of Directors in aPolicy and Procedures. The Chairmen and conditions as said Board manner such as to fulfill the purposesof the standing committees shall may see fit, with power to and aims of the Association and thebe appointed by the President to remove or suspend any of membership thereof. The Presidentserve a one-year term. Committee the said Board Directors, shall be the Chairman of the Board andchairmen shall select, appoint, and Executive Coordinator, the Executive Committee. replace committee members and assistants or agents of the administer their budget. The chairmen Association by majority vote ARTICLE V of these committees shall continue of the Board. Vice Presidentto serve during the year and until d.Authorize the borrowing of The Vice President shall be empoweredtheir respective successors have money for the Association with the office of the Presidentbeen appointed or they have been and for that purpose to when the President is incapacitated,relieved of service by order of the execute or cause to be unavailable or when the office of thePresident. The President shall have executed in the name of the president is vacated. The vice Presidentthe power to remove the chairmen of Association such bills, notes shall serve as President for the balancethese committees if he/she deems it or other evidence of of the unexpired term. expedient in his/her discretion.indebtedness as may beexpedient or desirable. ARTICLE VI ARTICLE IXSection B Immediate Past PresidentCompensationThe Executive committee of the BoardDuties as assigned by the President. Directors and general officers shall of Directors shall be composed of:not be compensated for their services, President, Vice President, Secretary/ ARTICLE VII except that upon approval by the Board Treasurer and four members of theSecretary/Treasurer of Directors, ordinary and necessary Board appointed by the President, threeSection A expenses incurred in the conduct of whom shall be representatives of theThe Secretary/Treasurer shall beof the Association business may area regions. responsible for recording and accountingbe reimbursed to Directors and/or Section C of all financial transactions of theOfficers.The Executive committee shall beAssociation, its accounts, liabilities and vested with authority and powers offinancial condition and shall see that allARTICLE Xthe Board of Directors when the Boardexpenditures are duly authorized andMembership of the Organizationof Directors is not in session and shallare evidenced by proper receipts andSection Areport to the Board of Directors anyvouchers. The Secretary/TreasurerThat person who has program action taken at the next succeedingshall generally have supervision of themanagement level authority and/or regular meeting. Four (4) membersfinances of the Association. He/sheresponsibility for one or more M&O of the Executive Committee shallshall supervise the accounting recordsprograms in an educational facility constitute a quorum for the transactionof the association, according to standardwithin the State of Washington. of any business. Meetings may beaccounting practices. (Includes construction programs.)called at any time by the President orSection B Program Management Level Authority upon the call of four (4) members ofThe Secretary/Treasurer also shalland/or Responsibility definition:the Executive Committee. Providedmake a full report of the financialAdministrative Oversight of the that if 2/3 of the membership of thecondition of the Association as may beProgram(s).Board of Directors, upon notice of anrequired by the Board of Directors or byExempt from Fair Labor Management executive committee meeting, desirethe laws of the State. Rules.to have the entire Board of DirectorsSection C Section Bmeet on the proposed agenda, then theThe Secretary/Treasurer shall keep a1. Active Member: Persons regularly entire Board of Directors shall meet tocomplete and permanent record of allemployed in a position of program transact such business. proceedings of the Board of Directors.management level authority and/Section D or responsibility for maintenance The entire Board of Directors shall have theoperations, and facilities in an opportunity to approve an annual budgeteducational institution as defined prepared by the Secretary/Treasurer. in the Policies and Procedures. This 2021 WAMOA MEMBER DIRECTORYWWW.WAMOA.ORG 61'