b'ASSOCIATION BY-LAWSARTICLE I 7. Engage in the dissemination of theRegion 7: Asotin, Columbia, Name of the Organization information to members of theGarfield, Walla Walla, Franklin The name of the organizationAssociation, their administrations,and Benton Counties; Othello shall be Washington Associationlocal, state and federal officials,School District in Adams of Maintenance and Operationsand members of the legislativeCounty.Administrators (hereinafter referred todepartments as appropriate. Region 8: Chelan, Douglas, as WAMOA or the Association). Grant and Okanagan Counties.ARTICLE III Region 9: Island, San Juan, ARTICLE II Management of the Organization Skagit, Snohomish and The Purposes of the Organization. Section A Whatcom Counties.WAMOA has the following purposes: The affairs of the Association shall beMembers may attend any1. Promoting and fostering themanaged by a Board of Directors. monthly region meetinghighest degree of professionalism1. The Board of Directors isregardless of where they reside.in the maintenance and operationscomposed off.The President, Vice President,of educational facilities. a.President,Immediate Past President,2. Assisting the members of theb.Vice PresidentSecretary/Treasurer Association by promoting thec.Immediate Past President and additional exchange of ideas, technicald.Secretary/Treasurer, Board Membersdata and other information ande.One active member approved by the Board ofin dealing with their commonrepresentative from each of Directors shall serve a one- problems so as to raise thethe following regions: year term of office. standards of educational facilityRegion 1: Adams, Ferry,g.All members of the Board maintenance and operationsStevens, Pend Oreille, Lincoln,shall be entitled to vote asthroughout the State ofSpokane and Whitmanactive Board Members on Washington. counties. Board actions.3. Provide an organization within theRegion 2: Kittitas, Yakima2. The Officers of the Board of State of Washington to furtherCounties, Royal, WahlukeDirectors shall be the President, encourage, develop and promoteSchool Districts in GrantVice President, Immediate Past methods, materials and proceduresCounty; Bickleton, GoldendalePresident and Secretary/Treasurer.leading to increased efficiencySchool Districts in Klickitat3. The Board of Directors shall have in the field of educational facilityCounty. the power, but may not delegate maintenance and operations. Region 3: Clark, Cowlitz,the power to:4. Collect, organize, publish andSkamania, Wahkiakuma.Purchase or otherwisedistribute educational materialsCounties, part of Klickitatacquire, lease, sell, convey,and statistical data to promoteCounty, part of Pacific County. transfer or assign anythe effective maintenance andRegion 4: Grays Harbor, Lewis,property, right, interests oroperation of educational facilitiesThurston Counties and partsprivileges of the Associationwithin the State of Washington. of Mason and Pacific Countiesupon such terms and5. Stimulate, encourage and fosterRegion 5: Kitsap County; Northconditions and for such pricesnew and innovative proceduresMason County, Peninsula SD,as the Board sees fit. or practices which are or mayJefferson County, Clallamb.Authorize the President andprove to be advantageous toCounty Secretary/Treasurerstatewide programs, local educationRegion 6 North: North Kingto pay bills for expendituresinstitutions and school districts and/ County . having prior Board approval.or members of the Association. Region 6 South: Pierce CountySecretary/Treasurer will6. Encourage and assist in passage ofand South King County. report all transactions at thelegislation. next Board meeting.60 2021 WAMOA MEMBER DIRECTORYWWW.WAMOA.ORG'