b'MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENTTurning the page has many connotations these days. WeYou can still expect this 2021 Directory to be a useful tool. turned the page of the calendar with a sense of hope and relief,Keep it in your briefcase, your padfolio. Refer to it for support, and trepidation, when we entered 2021. We turn the pages ofresources, and information. You will still find who and where our our notebooks and agendas with purpose and intent as we planmembers are, our Ed Partners contact information, and youll our days and keep track of the many tasks and projects thatfind the documents that guide our organizationour bylaws, keep our schools running smoothly and keep our facilities safepolicies and procedures, strategic plan and ethics.and healthy for our students and staff. And we relax with ourOur 2021 Directory reflects who we are as an organization. favorite novels or magazines and turn the page with eagernessWere fresh. Were energized. Were motivated. We are resilient. to be entertained by a good story or message. We are collaborative. And we are Right now, I am excited for you to turn the pages of our 2021advocates. We are WAMOA and I Directory. am privileged to welcome you to a This past year has brought incredible changes to our lives.new year and all its possibilities.And it has brought change and growth to WAMOA as well. MarinaYoull see some of that contained in these pages and in our upcoming issues of the Journal. Im excited for you to enjoy the fresh layouts and updated branding, with our new logo and colors, as well as a renewedMarina Tanayenergy in our communications. President, WAMOAInformation on our Maintenance that is Transparent and in Real Time.Please contact Paul Marshall, Senior Account Manager, KONE WashingtonPhone 253-219-3807|Email paul.marshall@kone.com 6 2021 WAMOA MEMBER DIRECTORYWWW.WAMOA.ORG'