b'BOC News & Events, continuedBOC Program graduates help fulfill one of thelooking to get into the field, and those in management overarching missions of schools across Washington state:and supervisory roles looking for a high-level overview of to provide comfortable and safe buildings to foster learning.building systems.BOC teaches operators to find practical, low-cost, and no- Participants are introduced to foundational principles cost efficiency solutions by working with existing systems.for optimizing building efficiency, the interdependencies They also learn how to create a preventive maintenanceof key building systems, and the basics of measuring and program that improves the building environment andbenchmarking energy performance. This course lays a prolongs the life of equipment. BOC graduates can betterfoundation for individuals to pursue an advanced career communicate with occupants so they can improve comfortpathway focused on energy efficient building operations. and health of buildings while maximizing facility efficiency.Successful completion of the course (resulting in a Schools and districts appreciate the bottom-line savingsFundamentals Certificate) can be paired with one-year of graduates deliver and recognize them as a professionalexperience for a student to meet eligibility requirements who cares about quality and efficiency.for BOC Level I. To learn more, please visit https://www.theboc.info/fundamentals/. NEW BOC CREDENTIAL OFFERING: FUNDAMENTALS OF ENERGY EFFICIENT BUILDING OPERATIONS SMART BUILDINGS EXCHANGE (FREE!) BOC is excited to be adding an additional trainingAUGUST 24-25, 2021curriculum and credential to our current offerings.https://sbxconference.org/ The training, titled Fundamentals of Energy EfficientThe Smart Buildings Center is hosting the FREE Building Operations, will be rolled out in the Fall of 2021.VirtualSmart Buildings ExchangeAugust 24 & 25, 2021! The The content is designed for individuals who are new toevent will dive deep into the role of smarter buildings in a commercial building operations and energy management,changing energy landscape through interactive conference PREPARE FOR THE 2022 SCHOOL YEAR WITH MODULAR CLASSROOMS! GOLD PARTNER We have a variety of classroom \x1foor plans available for construction for the 2022 school year. We handle everything from building design, site work, installation, and more. Because we are the low-cost provider on the new KCDA contract, you can lease or purchase these relocatable classrooms without going through an arduous bid process. For pricing and more information, contact us today!509.646.7785 construction@paci\x1fcmobile.com paci\x1fcmobile.com36 WAMOA JOURNALTHE PRE-CONFERENCE ISSUESUMMER 2021'