b'Board Minutes, continuedon the Clean Buildings process, in AprilHydration on water fountain and bottleregion.Home Depot pro called on equipment fromfilling strategies with COVID-19 in mind.Some of the discussion focus on reopening Karcher equipment, all in all we have beenMarch13 participants. Presentationof schools, PPE, ESSER1 and ESSERII grants, doing a push away from Covid conversation. by Lorelei Walker from DOH on health- HR hiring process, Clean building bill and Region 5Nolan Duce Absent, Our regionpositive practices at schools. April taking care of our staff and ourselves etc. meetings have been on the Zoom platform.Meeting scheduled for 11am on Tuesday,We had some humor and learn a lot about We hope to move back to in-person soon.April 27. Presentation scheduled with Mitchthe different challenges we face as leaders The emphasis of our meeting has still beenDenning.in this trying time. Seven school districts on keeping schools going as changes keepRegion 6SClint Parrish Continuing to workwere in attendance.setting districts back. One meeting thediligently to keep members engaged despiteRegion 8Tim Engh Region 8 has Held one main topic was on successes and everyeveryone growing tired of the seeminglyregion meetings since the last Board report.district had something they were proudnever ending on sought of Doom meetingsMarch, we did not hold a meeting due to of. This has been some of our finest workwe are all subject to these days. Working tothe Leadership conference in which we as districts. We also had discussions onput together some sort of in person regionhad very good attendance from our region. the Asset Preservation Plan (APP) and themeeting coming up possibly at a facilityApril 14th zoom meeting. Jerrod Whitaker states requirements on reporting. We hadthat can allow for enough social distancing.from Planet turf gave a presentation on.We are delighted to have been chosen by WAMOA as the new a discussion on the leadership conferenceReally want to try this with Mitch DenningsSports field restoration and prep. We had and some districts acknowledged that itLegislative update. At our most recentgreat participation with 18 in attendance.publishing partner to produce the WAMOA Directory and Journals.was nice it was free this year. I thought themeeting we had Ryan Burge of KCDA giveOur next meeting will be held on May 12th. speaker was very good. Our next meetingsa very informational presentation on theZoom or in person is yet to be determined. will be focused finishing out this year andKCDA purchasing process and how itJRCC has volunteered their conferenceA local Washington State company, Colibri Northwest has been getting ready to start next year back tocan apply to capital projects as a deliveryroom.school 100%. As always, our meetings aremethod for items normally found within theRegion 9 - Cisco Gomez Aprils presentationpublishing magazines for association clients, municipalities, the third Friday of the month, at 11:30. Wecontractors scope.had about 23 participants. Our presentationand the hospitality industry for more than twenty years.hope to go to in-person meetings soon. Region 7David Jagannath Region 7 metwas given by Grant Granger with Mckinstry Region 6NGeoff Lawson & Julius Carterthrough Zoom on April 22 and had a greatand was around the HB1257. Marchs FebruaryMeeting well attended withdiscussion on several important topicsmeeting had about 22 participants. OurWe look forward to working with WAMOA to bring a new look to the 14 participants. Presentation by Hawsfacing school districts throughout ourpresentation was given by Kevin Jones with Frontline Sales and Marketing. Kevin gavevaluable communications tools that are the Directory and Journal.a presentation about healthy hydrations systems such as bottle fillers and drinkingWe hope to meet many of you at the conference this fall.fountains. 3.0: Committee Chair Reports:Bylaws, P & P, ComplianceTom HarrisIn the meantime, please dont hesitate to contact us with Absent, no report Masks, Batteries, Defibrillators & More Conference Marina Tanay/Alicia Lawver any questions about our company, comments aboutFragrance-Free, Cosmetic-Free and Dye-Free Theme selected is True Grit which tiesthe magazine, or simply to introduce yourself. Manufactured in an FDA Approved Facility into the speaker, Shannon Huffman Polson,75% Ethyl Alcohol/Eliminates Germs Quickly former Army helicopter pilot who speaks on grit and leadership. We look forward to working with you!1-844-344-7237 16.9 OZ - PUMP |12 per case 1 GALLON |4 per case Workshopapplicationsarecurrently sales@safsinc.com $15.12 CASE =$1.26EA $25.68 CASE =$6.42EA being accepted and were starting to get item SAFS-1001-0002 in stock item SAFS-1001-0001 in stock responses. Looking for members and ed FALL INVENTORIES WILL NEED REPLENISHING BUDGET NOW partners to share expertise; also looking for ideas for what folks would like to see usKatie Higgins Peter Philipsrecruit for panels and workshops.Day 2 (Thursday) format will get someSales Director Presidenttweaks, in part due to COVID. Boxed(206) 914-4248 (206) 779-2746lunches, no luncheon. Start trade showKatie@ColibriNW.com Peter@ColibriNW.com earlier. May need to limit how many people in trade show area at once so looking at Jim Connolly Jared Whitaker ways to do staggered entries and get people 509.951.0270 509.977.1354 rotating between trade show, networking and other activities.Jordan Anderson Justin Ruiz Katie and Alicia meeting with Yakima 816.217.7363 360.878.0479 Conference staff on May 3 to get a scope of how things are working, updates, resources, 6422 E 2nd Avenue, Spokane, WA99212 best management practices, etc.COVID safety - Meals will likely be servedPO Box 13130Des Moines, WA 98198www.ColibriNW.com 32 WAMOA JOURNALTHE PRE-CONFERENCE ISSUESUMMER 2021'