b'Board Minutes, continuedDave Jagannath the work that they do. Colibri would havePresident: Marina TanayDavid Coutts an open book on how much revenueVice President: Travis Bown Marc Elliott they were receiving and then set up aSec/Treasurer: Michael KnaackDevlin Piplic profit sharing with WAMOA on any extraExecutive Coordinator: Katie Granado Randy Acker proceeds from sales. With PTR, there wasR1: Randy AckerGary Schimmel no transparency on anything to do withR4: Michael PauleyMarina opened with the background of therevenue. We will set a goal of having fourR6N: Geoff Lawsonproblems we have had getting the Journalissues out this year with the new company. R6N: Julius Carterproduced. The contract with PTR expiredA motion was made by Randy AckerR6S: Clint Parrish October 2020. We solicited proposals(Seconded by John Boatman) to moveR7: David Jagannath from PTR and several other companies.forward with pursuing a contract withR8: Tim EnghOur preference is working with a companyColibri NW. A short discussion followed.R9: Cisco Gomezin the USA and preferably in WashingtonVote was taken. Passed unanimously. Conference: Alicia Lawver State. We would like to continue withNext, there was a discussion about theEd Partners: Cindy Pleasantsthe current annual number and type ofprofit sharing. It was decided that weElections & Programs: Chuck Minor issues with an added option for a digitalwould wait and see how this works beforeHistorian/Retired Membership: David edition. One of the bidding companieswe make any decision on what to do withCouttscould not do all the work, requiring hiringthe revenue. Discussion about the newProfessional Development: Devlin Piplicanother company to complete the Journal.company making sales calls with our EdTAC: John Boatman We would like a one-stop publishingPartners.Technology Operations: Marc Elliottcompany. This was all discussed in aBoard meeting closed at 8:31 Not Present:previous committee meeting with onePast President: Paul Harrisvendor suggested as the leading candidate2021 WAMOA BOARD MEETING R2: Open to bring forward to the entire board. Date: April 23rd, 2021 R3: Gary Schimmel Katie discussed the preferred publisher,Zoom online, 9am R5: Nolan Duce Colibri NW. They were recommendedIn attendance: Bylaws: Tom Harrisby several board members who know ofTAC: Kelly Gregg P L ATINUM PART N ERYour NORTHWEST Purchasing Cooperative!Since1938,servingmembersin Washington OregonEvery year Honeywell is helpingIdahoschools save millions in energy andAlaskaoperational costsmoney that can An ever growing number of national purchasing cooperatives be re-directed to finance are competing for your business. Only KCDA focuses improvements and support vital exclusively on meeting the needs of school districts in educational programs, creating Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. KCDA offers a better places to teach and learn. wide variety of competitively bid products and services to meet your purchasing and procurement needs.WITH HONEYWELL FOCUSED ON YOURENERGY, SECURITY AND OPERATIONALISSUES, YOU CAN BETTER FOCUS ON For more information, visit us atEDUCATION.For more information please contactMike Murphy at 425-864-1228 800-422-5019www.honeywell.com/buildingsolutionsWAMOA JOURNALTHE PRE-CONFERENCE ISSUESUMMER 2021 29'