b'Board Minutes, continuedEducational Partners 233, New Business: Board meeting adjourned 9:32amEdAssociates19,Non-EducationalPTR Communications ContractWe haveNext Board Meeting Date:members 3, honorary members 40, &been working with them on trying to getAprilTBD, virtualRetired members 67. Communicationsour issues out. We are trying to work withJulyTBD, in personcommittee will be David C, Michael P,them, but they are not following through.Upcoming Events:Marina, Julius, Alicia and myself. ActionWe need to get something out quickly. ForDay on the HillFeb 15th 2021, Olympia items are: update WAMOA brochure,communication and for our Ed Partners.Zoom virtual kickoff 8:30-9:30amwhat is WAMOA article and work on someDevlin and Alicia will be asking around forLeadershipMarch 25th 10am, virtualFacebook and LinkedIn posts. possible candidates. Much discussion about Professional Development -Devlin Piplic this. Marina will be meeting with Katie,SPECIAL BOARD MEETING TO DISCUSSWorking on what the updated versionAlicia, Devlin, Michael and Cindy to lookTHE WAMOA JOURNALof what the Professional Certificationover possible submissions. March 23, 2021, Called to order at 8:05am.for WAMOA involves. We have severalMembership definitionsDiscussion ofBoard Members present:certifications this year. (Clint and Randy)current issue with a former Ed Partner whoMichael KnaackBOC scholarship was presented for theis trying to come back and work on the GolfKatie Granadofirst time this year. 64 people have signedCommittee. After discussion as a board weJulius Carterup for the Leadership Conference this year.have decided to stick to K-12 Ed Partners.Chuck MinorIt is being made free through Ed PartnerMarina will follow up with an email to theMarina Tanaysponsorships.individual involved. Cisco GomezTAC Kelly Gregg/Doug Vanderleest StrategicPlancheck-inDevlinhasJohn BoatmanKelly is absent no report. been working with WASBO this year.Cindy PleasantsTechnology Operations-Marc ElliottNoCertifications, its great that we are gettingDoug Vanderleestreport. more. Communication, Katie will be bringingClint ParrishOld Business:something on Wild Apricot to a future boardAlicia LawverRegion2RepresentationMarinameeting. Day on the Hill is coming up andNolan Ducediscussed the possible candidates withinwill be working with our state legislators.Paul Harristhe Region. PLATINUM PARTNE R Working hard to keepstudents and educators free from hazards.PBSUSA.COMENVIRONMENTALHAZARDOUS MATERIALSENGINEERINGSURVEY8 NW LOCATIONS206.233.963928 WAMOA JOURNALTHE PRE-CONFERENCE ISSUESUMMER 2021'