b'Board Minutes, continuedtopic of HB 1257, the clean buildingsshow registration until June. We have aboutWater. As an organization we are opposing act which is an unfunded mandate for70 booths that rolled over. this. For example, Franklin Pierce has water commercial buildings to have complianceEducational Partners -Cindy Pleasants coming in with lead already. Changing and testing. This will most certainly be aMeetingwiththethreemaingolfout fixtures makes this is an unfunded topic of more interest as we as buildingtournamentmembers.Maybehavemandate. The fixture replacement costs managers get closer to the deadlines for thissponsors sign up but not collect money untilthey are using in their calculations are low. requirement. Our next meeting will also bewe are sure we are having one. SB 5202. Preventative Maintenance This deferred by a week due to another holiday.Elections, Nominations, Programs Chucksubfund will provide districts with a source Region 7David Jagannath Region 7 didMinorNo report this meeting. of funds when maintenance is needed and not meet in person or on zoom. We plan onHistorian/Retired Membership Davidemergencies occur. There are a number of meeting on zoom on the third Thursday inCouttsNo report.meetings set up for Mondays Day on the Feb. Legislation Doug VanderleestDay on theHill.Region 8Tim Engh Region 8 has heldHill is next week. We are providing inputMembership/Communications Katie two zoom meetings since December.on several bill. HB 1139, Lead in DrinkingGranadoActivemembers196, Dec. 9th we had 16 in attendance with mostly Ed Partners. Drew Wright from the Garland Company gave a presentation onCreating Smart, Cooperative purchasing and what to lookSafe Environmentsfor. We had a January meeting scheduled but due to a lot of power outages that day IFuture proofing had to cancel the meeting. Smart BuildingsFebruary 10th we had 13 in attendance withDriving Energy Savings 5 members and 8 Ed Partners. We hadand Compliance -Reducing Michael Coffey from MacDonald MillerMaintenance Costspresent Clean Building Standard law.What you need to know.We discussed the ins and outs and thenThe CES Energy Solutions Team is committed to discussedtheupcomingLeadershipproviding best in class Energy Mitigation and Bio Risk presentation. solutions. We specialize in Future Proofing Smart BuildingsWhy Partner With CESESG?to create Safe, Efficient, Accountable spaces for the this Next meeting is scheduled for April 14th. new normal we all live in. We take pride in being a WAMOAComplete LED Lighting and Controls solutions.Region 9 - Cisco Gomez I have startedPlatinum Partner. Energy Mitigation and Bio Risk solutionsthe monthly meetings for region 9. OurContact us today to learn more about our worldRecycling SolutionsProject Management.meeting was on February 4th and Norwestclass solutions.Architectural Products was the presenter. NWAP presented bleacher and backboard inspections and the importance of having a preventative maintenance plan in place for all facilities. They showed video clips of examples of different situations where bleachers and backboards were neglected and the damage they could have on your facility and the major safety impact it could have on students, staff, and community members. They had an ongoing Q&A during the presentation and shared an abundance of information for everyone the have and hear. The participation level was pretty good with about 23 participants. 3.0: Committee Chair Reports:Bylaws, P & P, ComplianceTom HarrisAbsent, no report ConferenceAliciaLawvergoingto Yakima in the spring to begin setting the stage for hopefully a conference this year in October.GOLD PARTNER Trade Show-Katie GranadoGold and Platinum Partners have been billed for 2021 several had trade show credits from the 2020 canceled show. Will not open up trade WAMOA JOURNALTHE PRE-CONFERENCE ISSUESUMMER 2021 27'