b'Board Minutes, continued1.5 Executive Coordinator Report. Katieand High back a few weeks apart. Started aprojects. As always, our meetings are the Granado 1099s were mailed out in January.L&I Consultation visit. WAMOA Updates third Friday of the month, at 11:30. We hope We have 20 Platinum partners and 23 GoldShared about Day on the Hill, as well as theto go to in-person meetings soon.partners for 2021. Please welcome newleadership seminar, and that Katie sharedRegion6NGeoffLawson&Julius Gold Partner Chicago Faucets. via email the notices for both to membersCarter December meeting was cancelledRegion Reports: and partners. due to proximity to the holiday season. Region 1Randy AckerAbsent, no reportRegion5NolanDuceOurregionJanuaryMeeting was well attended with Region 2 Vacantmeetings have been on the Zoom platform9 participants. Presentation by Mats inc. Region 3Gary SchimmelNo Report and have been great meetings. We havePhil Nufer on signage options and flooring Region 4Michael PauleyFeb 10 Zoomchanged our meeting so they are no longerconsiderations during pandemic. Lots of Meeting, 17 in attendance. ED Partnerdominated by Covid 19 and getting studentsgreat ideas. After presentation, Geoff led Presentation- Northwest Architectureback. Most of the schools in our region havea discussion on new guidance from DOH Products Michelle Giles and Bryce Williamsstudents back, so we are moving into moreregarding cleaning and disinfection of shared a discussion about gymnasiumwinter dominated topics. One meeting theschools and impacts it would have on us. equipment inspections (Bleachers andmain topic was on successes and everyJulius/Geoff shared COVID related material Backboards). Bryce shared several videosdistrict had something they were proud of,with Tukwila SD.FebruaryMeeting form catastrophic failures in regard toand it was a great meeting. We also havescheduled for 11am on Tuesday, February backboards, and shared the requirementsbeen talking about inclement weather and23. for inspections and maintenance areas towinter preparedness. We had a presentationRegion 6SClint Parrish Continuing with look at regularly. Region 4 School Districton the new rules and mandates of the newmonthly Zoom meetings. We elected to skip UpdatesOlympiaFinishing up at schoolsfire code and how it affects both new andour December meeting as many members an L&I Consultation visit, and getting kidsaged schools. The timeline for the requiredwere taking time off for the holidays. Our back in schools. WishkahThey have allwork is coming soon. Our next meetingsJanuary meeting was deferred by one week students back and it is going well. Griffin will be focused on building condition scoresdue to a holiday. The January meeting Starting with Pre-K students, starting outand what they really mean, sports andhad a presentation by MacDonald-Miller small. AberdeenHas Prek-3 in schools,the support it takes to run out of season,on Clean Building Standards, Race to 4-6 beginning next week, and bringing JHthe leadership conference and summerCompliance. This breached the looming You may not teach studentsBut integrated operations managementhelps them learn.ATINUM PARTNEPL R ATINUM PARTNEPL RLEARN MORE AT: dudesolutions.com/womoa21 26 WAMOA JOURNALTHE PRE-CONFERENCE ISSUESUMMER 2021'