b'Candidates Statement2021 Secretary-TreasurerGreetings fellowthe best environmentrange of experience. I served our WAMOA members andwhere students can live,country in the military for 21 years, Educational Partners. Ilearn and prosper. It isdeveloping team-building skills while am very honored to bethe relationships weworking in accounting and finance. My nominated for the boardhave with others in theentire career since then has been in position of Secretary/ school maintenance andeducation, working the last 17 years in Treasurer. Currently Ioperations realm thatresource conservation, sustainability serve the board as thewill help our organizationand facility management. During Secretary/Treasurer.continue to grow, andmy time in the green field, I have This has been anMichael Knaack help us continue to dodeveloped exceptional skills in incredibly challengingimprove how we domarketing, promotion, public relations, year for our school districts andbusiness. The sharing of our knowledge,and communication. I have been able WAMOA and I am grateful for theexperiences, and lessons learned makesto do all these jobs with an attention opportunity to serve. all our community stronger. This hasto detail and a sense of humor. I will I became involved with WAMOAbeen especially true this past schoolcontinue using these skills to serve you in 2011 thanks to a co-worker. Thatyear as we have learned how to pivoton this board position.invitation was the open door towith a flexibility that is admirable andI would be honored if you entrusted learning about this group of peopleencouraging for the future. me with your vote for Secretary/with a shared mission: to provideWhat I bring to the table is a diverseTreasurer. GOLD PARTNER ENGINEERS,INC.We like big boilers andwe cannot lie**We also like all types of cool mechanical, electrical, and re protection systems!Mechanical | Electrical | Life Safety | EnergyBCEENGINEERS.COMFIFE, WA253.922.0446 24 WAMOA JOURNALTHE PRE-CONFERENCE ISSUESUMMER 2021'