b'FALL CONFERENCE WORKSHOPSLEADERSHIP TECH/RCMCoffee With the President: Lets Talk!Emergency LED Lighting for Huge Maintenance Emerging Issues for WAMOA Members& Operations Savings (Aleddra LED Lighting)Data-Based Hiring (Richland School District) Replacement Program for PCB Lamp Ballasts (Departments of Health & Ecology)Data-Based Firing (Richland School District)Todays High-Performance Technologies Developing the Right Mindset and Habitsfor Tomorrows Better Future (NW for a Thriving Culture (DYOJO) Energy Efficiency Council)Enhancing a Culture of Learning &Washingtons Clean Building Standards: Opportunities Covid Response (Rentacrate) and Incentives (NW Energy Efficiency Council)Leading a District With Moving Targets: Providing Guidance and Procedure in ResponseCAPITAL/PUBLIC WORKS PROJECTSto COVID19 (Olympia School District) Assessing Your Buildings for Capital Improvements (OSPI)How a Collaborative Approach to Planning a Technology and Safety Levy BenefitsDesign-Build: Is it Right For You? All Departments (Including Yours!) (Tacoma Public Schools)Transformational Leadership (Milliken) Flexible Furnishings (WB Manufacturing)MAINTENANCE & CUSTODIAL Small & Minor Public Works Procurement: From Soup Cleaning for COVID (Richland School District) to Nuts in 30 Minutes or Less (Visscher Consulting)Deconstructing Chaos: A Vision of What PreventativeHEALTH & SAFETYMaintenance Can Be (Issaquah School District) Growing & Creating Your School Gym Safety (NWAP) Security Plan (Sonitrol)New Fire Damper Inspection Compliance (Hargis) Indoor Environmental Health & Return to In-Person Education (Puget Sound Pesticide Use In and AroundWorkers Compensation Trust)Educational Facilities (WSDA)Lead in the Water Remediation and Natural Reimagining Restrooms for Human Health &Hazard Assessment Grants (OSPI)Wellness (Wind NorthwestBobrick Washroom)Preparing for a Walk-Through with L&I Safety Stormwater Maintenance ManagementConsultants (Aberdeen School District)(Catchall Environmental)TBDDepartment of HealthFind full conference details and registration at www.wamoa.org20 WAMOA JOURNALTHE PRE-CONFERENCE ISSUESUMMER 2021'