b'With the current pandemic, it is imperative to know how best to protect ourselves and those around us. Studies are showing that HVAC systems have been found to play a role in how well were protected against COVID-19. Because of that, ASHRAE, (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) has given some direction of what should be done with HVAC systems to better protect against the spread of COVID-19.1.Ventilation- COVID-19 has the potential to be recirculated through a building by the air conditioning system. By bringing in more outside air, we can dilute contaminated air. Depending on your location, increasing outside air as much as possible could bring in very hot or cold air or polluted air, which is bad for energy efficiency and respiratory health. There are ventilation options available for wall mount units, rooftop units, and standard split systems. 2.Filtration- Increase the HVAC air filters to a minimum of MERV 13 efficiency or higher if the system can handle a more restrictive filter. The MERV rating of a filter tells us how efficient it is at capturing particles of varying sizes. As the MERV rating increases, the filter gets better at capturing smaller particles. The downside to filters with high MERV ratings is that they become restrictive on the systems airflow. Reducing airflow means we are exposed to the same stale, stagnant, sick air found in buildings for a much longer time. Higher rated filters are able to be added to most HVAC systems. 3.Ultraviolet Purification Use UV lights in the HVAC equipment to neutralize any potential airborne viruses. UV light has been used for decades in destroying microbes. UV light has the most proven track record in destroying viruses on surfaces and in the air. We have UV systems that can be added to roof top units, wall mount systems, and even ductless air conditioning systems. For more information, please go to www.gearypacific.com/IAQGeary Pacific Supply2380 70th Ave EastSte A120 | Fife, WA 98424Phone: 855-677-7985 | Fax: 253-345-69714286 NE 185th Dr | Portland, OR 97230Phone: 800-510-0038 | Fax: 503-262-8204AUTHORIZED BARD DISTRIBUTOR'