b'Did you know that yourroofs and buildingenvelopes can directlyimpact indoor air quality?In this COVID era, keeping building interiors comfortable, safe and healthy is now more important than ever.TREMCO ROOFING & BUILDING MAINTENANCEOFFERS SOLUTIONS TO ASSESS AND IMPROVEINDOOR AIR QUALITY, INCLUDING: Air barrier auditsBuilding envelope testing Faade repair Indoor environmental testing Deep building decontaminationHVAC and room decontamination Tremco Roofing and BuildingRoofing diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance Roof restoration and replacement Envelope solutions areWe can help you with all of the above so you can available through KCDAsbreathe easy. contract AEPA 021-D,Your Building Doesnt Care About awhich is EDGAR compliant.Pandemic or a Budget Crisis. But we do. This procurement methodmeets the requirementsTo help you quickly and affordably protect and managegoverning the use of fundingyour roofing inventory when capital budgets areavailable through the CRRSA.severely constrained, Tremco offers solutions customized to deliver what you need right now: professional inspections, diagnostics, maintenance, repair and restorationdhuff@tremcoinc.comsolutions. Warranty renewals and extensions for all types of roofs and541.905.1589manufacturers are covered too. Contact us to learn how you can solveYourRoofExperts.comyour most urgent roofing, building envelope and indoor air quality problems and meet your need for speed, quality, transparency, and maximum ROI.Tremco Roofing and WTI are part of Tremco Construction Products Group.'