b'2021 L EGISL AT I V E R EP OR TDr. Mitch Denning and AEA providemembers at the start, during andconnectivity and professional a variety of services to WAMOAend of the session. His updates allowdevelopment related to COVID-19 and WSNA as we pursue ourmembers to see the big picture on howeffects on school. The long-term legislative priorities. During thelegislative decisions affect schools andpriorities were to update the staff legislative session, Mitch meetsour priorities. allocation formulas and ensure regularly with the AEA board toThis past year, AEA priorities, asadequate school facilities.discuss legislation that affects ourdecided by the board, were prioritized priorities as it moves through theinto short-term and long-termJANUARY 26, 2021: LEGISLATIVE DAY legislative process. We decide as apriorities. The short-term prioritiesDue to COVID, things looked different group whether to watch, support orwere primarily focused on COVID- this year. Meetings were all virtual. oppose legislation and whether to19s effect on K-12 education. TheyDespite the challenges, Dr. Mitch testify in support of our position. included ensuring equitable funding,Denning and WAMOA Legislative In addition, Mitch providesavoiding mandates, and supporting legislative updates to WAMOAequitable access to technology,continued on page 14(866) 935-925512 WAMOA JOURNALTHE PRE-CONFERENCE ISSUESUMMER 2021'