b'STRATEGIC PLANWe areWe areWe are RESILIENT.COLLABORATIVE.ADVOCATES. Objective: Objectives: Objectives:Promoting peer-to-peerProviding opportunities forWorking with state legislators support through the cultivationschool facilities-focusedto support full funding and fostering of professionalleadership education. for the maintenance and relationships and mentoring. Sharing best practices inoperation of school assets. Strategies: support of creating healthy, safePartnering with other school-Reach new M&O leadersenvironments for student learning. focused organizations.and non-members. Collaborating to addressStrategies:Inform District Leadershipchallenges and crises thatFacilitate personal interactions of WAMOA resources.affect Washington schools.with legislators. Promote leadership atStrategies: Utilize collaboration to present a the region level. Facilitate relevant professionalunified message to legislators.Promote participation indevelopment opportunities. Tactics:WAMOA-sponsored events. Promote WAMOA professionalPrioritize participation in Day Tactics: certification program.on the Hill, Legislative Day Regular Region meetings,Promote avenues for collaborationwith Mitch; Interim School in-person or Zoom. among members. Tours with Legislators.Peer-to-peer supportTactics: Prepare participants for legislative via coffee breaks. Add WAMOA participation tointeractions with unified messaging Booth presence in WASBO,professional certification qualification.to enhance effectiveness.AWSP and WSSDA conferences. Connect members to trainingDevelop AEA priorities that Disseminate promotionalopportunities and mentors. reflect and reinforce WASA materials such as a brochure andDevelop the website to includeand related priorities.Whats In It For Me widely. online educational videos. Mentor future TAC and Measurements: Create a district certification- Legislative representatives. Survey members and ed partnersfocused resource page to informRelate session reporting on how you heard about WAMOA.members of certification and/ to AEA priorities and in Report WAMOA ambassadoror compliance requirements.laypersons language.activities in board reports.Continue virtual opportunitiesMeasurements:to be more inclusive andGraphically report on accessible to members.contacts/visits.Expand opportunities for engagementReport school tour with legislators.with ed partners through EdReport outcomes on grants that Partner Resource Page onlineWAMOA partners with OSPI. and written communications. TAC and Legislative Highlights in Knowledge Pool on website. Journal; full reports on website. Measurements:Report participants in WAMOA certification or professional certification programs.Report web traffic to resource pages/member-focused pages on the website. 10 2021 WAMOA MEMBER DIRECTORYWWW.WAMOA.ORG'